Vaccines Work. Here Are the Facts. — The Nib — Medium

I cannot love this strip enough.

I recently got a copy of my own vaccination records from my infancy, where I was able to confirm I got two doses of trivalent Sabin Polio vaccine in the first 6 months of my life. I've also been given the MMR multiple times, I get the flu shot every year, got the HBV vaccine, meningitis vaccine, and get the pneumonia vaccine occasionally. When I'm accepted into grad school, I'll have to get the Varicella vaccine (despite having had chicken pox as a child), and if I ever get to travel over seas the way I want to, to help others, I'll probably get more vaccines. All of it is training for my body to recognize "other" and keep me healthy. More than that, even though I'm not always the healthiest person, it helps guarantee that no virus can ever use me to gain a foothold in the population and spread. I'm a link in the fence that protects humanity, defending our young, our old, our well and our sick, from infection. I'm doing my part for herd immunity!